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Our commitment to safeguarding

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility at aspire-igen and we take our moral, legal and statutory duties seriously. We have embedded company-wide policy and procedures which are refreshed every 2 years or sooner, to reflect legislative change in the interim. Our policy and procedures are underpinned by a robust induction, training and CPD plan across all delivery and support services. Safeguarding is embedded within our performance management process. Our approach is compliant with the Local Safeguarding Boards within each of our geographical delivery areas and we fully integrate with localised operational partnerships and their procedures to meet local need.

Safeguarding Policy 2021

Safeguarding Procedures 2021

Our commitment to quality

We take pride in ensuring the services we offer are right for the people we are supporting. The matrix report from our most recent assessment in December 2018 identified that:

‘Aspire-igen have well developed and consistent processes which support the delivery of IAG across the range of programmes and projects which they have been involved with over a number of years.

Across all the programmes and contracts which aspire-igen deliver there are defined processes of support which include undertaking an initial analysis of each client situation and requirements. Once clients are part of the programme or project, action plans are developed and reviews are planned.

Time and care is taken to understand each person in order that a full appreciation of opportunities available is understood by them and that positive progressions are achieved.’

When working with young people, we understand that the support we give them will impact on their future careers and choices. We put our Careers Strategy in place to ensure we meet their current and future needs.

Aspire2work Careers Strategy

Aspire2work Careers & Progression Programme

Modern slavery statement

Aspire-igen is committed to carrying out its business in a fair, honest and open manner. We are committed to zero tolerance of any form of slavery, human trafficking or child labour and to uphold the following principles within our business:

  • To adhere to the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact, UN Declaration of Human Rights and the 1998 International Labour Organisation’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” in accordance with national law and practice;
  • Not to use child labour younger than the age of 15, even when national law or regulations may permit the employment or work of persons less than 15, recognising that the employment of young children may prevent minors from benefitting from schooling or training and be harmful to their health or development;
  • Never to use forced or compulsory labour;
  • To comply with applicable national laws and regulations regarding working hours, minimum wages and benefits
  • We are also committed to ensuring that our suppliers, agents, consultants and contractors throughout our supply chain have or adopt a similar approach. All our suppliers and contractors are required to endorse the above principles. All contracts to be entered into with suppliers and contractors will also contain provisions requiring both parties to comply with all forced labour laws and ensure that neither human trafficking, slavery nor forced labour is taking place either in its business or in any of its supply chains which would violate such laws. The Company shall have the right to terminate any such contracts if this commitment is breached.
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